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Chris Anderson
My career in programming actually started at the age of 22 because of a simple video game called “Dr. Creep” played on a Commodore 64 with a tape drive at a friend’s house. I was so enchanted with the game that I played it for three days straight day and night. Upon reaching the last level the game crashed and I was Devastated. I became obsessed and bought my own Commodore 64 and started learning Ascii, Hex/Decimal and Binary Code to fix the game. Back then there wasn’t much information but we did have Bulletin Boards using Dial-up on a 300 baud modem.

Within several months I had made about thirty friends who all became obsessed with fixing the game. We spent almost a year going to each other’s houses, until one day we figured it out. We all met at a fellow programmer’s house to party, taking turns playing the last level of the game. Although the game only said at the end “Game Over” it was still victorious!

In 1985 I started one of the largest Commodore 64 software repositories called Mad Max’s Mad World providing software trading for whoever wanted to trade. My phone line was going 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

As time went on the 286 computers with mono tone monitors started hitting the market then the 386’s with color monitors with 256 colors and eventually the Internet became live around when the 486’s hit the market. I started my own company called Dr. CPU and had a mobile 24/7 repair and internet designs business. I found that after several months there wasn’t much call for repairs and that portion really didn’t pay off. So I decided to stick with designing websites for people and companies and have been doing it since.

I love designing and look forward to all the new programming challenges that I find every day.

I am so ever thankful because of simple silly little video game that was the pivotal point that had changed my world and taken me to places I would have never dreamt of in many ways.